Zallat is a grocery delivery startup based in Calgary, Canada. Our mission is to revolutionize ecommerce and thus, move the world forward! Our Core Values are being Ethical, Efficient and Friendly which all underpin how we deal with our people, customers, partners, environment, etc. It goes without saying we are in business to make money. However, we also don’t believe in making it in a sleazy way. As a matter of fact, the impetus for my starting what is now Zallat Inc. was an encounter I had with online scams when I was moving to Calgary from Toronto. And since I didn’t know anyone in Calgary I went on one of the so called online classifieds to find a place to rent only to realize the ad that I responded to, which was too good to be true (naturally), was in fact a scam. Luckily, it was too blatant to fall for it but it had the effect of opening my eyes to online scams and the fact they were not unique to online classifieds but were just as prevalent in online marketplaces. Hence, why Zallat is the only company that has developed a proprietary program that eliminates scams in ecommerce for good! And we will unveil it in the near future.

Being such a young company we don’t have all the advantages enjoyed by our competition. Nevertheless, we do believe we can achieve our business objectives by way of our 'grassroots approach'. Simply put: people can trust us! Not only do we go out of our way to meet our customers’ expectations. We do go out of our way to make sure our customers are not in any way exploited by anyone in our ecosystem. This is why our fees are transparent and reasonable for both average families and individuals. With respect to our people, the beating heart of our business. It is our desire to see our people make a decent living and achieve a flexible work-life balance which in turn we believe will be to the overall benefit of the communities in which we operate. Hence, this is why our methodology is not to over-hire people. Not to time our people down to the second. Indeed not to cheat our people off their earnings! Just as we are selective in how we do business, we are also selective with whom we choose to join our team or becomes our customer.

At Zallat, we promise to help people live easier lives by removing the unpleasant but necessary task that is grocery shopping from their lives. Why not try Zallat and see what a difference it can make in your life?

Zallat Inc.
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