Our vanilla cinnamon flavor is also unsweetened. It is still a mild taste with a bit of cinnamon in it. it is perfect to drink on its own chilled as well as in cooking such as oatmeal, baking, etc.

our mantra is to give you MILK benefits… Just without the COW .

Our Chickpea Milk is a true MILK alternative!

We create the first plant-based milk substitute using chickpeas, peas and vegan omega 3 oil, boasting 10 g of protein & 1000 mg of omega 3.

Created as a replacement for non-nutritious almond milk, the product is scientifically formulated so that it does not contain any of the stuff consumers no longer want such as carrageenan, sugar or any extra ingredients. This milk is versatile in that it can be used beyond the typical cereal function. It can be used as the sole ingredient of one’s smoothie because it can effectively accomplish so many functions such as replacing almond milk, replacing a protein powder as well as omega 3 oil.

Protein: 10 g

Omega 3: 1000 mg

Flavors: unflavoured

Ingredients: Chick pea base (water, organic ground chick pea), non GMO pea protein, organic flax seed oil, calcium, vanilla flavor, cinnamon